Healthy Baby Inside a Party Animal’s Womb

For young adults, it is quite normal to be a party animal. As the famous millennial saying goes, “you only live once.” Every young adult would want to live their life to the fullest before the “adulting” finally steps in.

Due to too much fun, some young adults don’t even want to have kids — just like this 21-year-old party girl, named Terri-Anne Hyde, who was living her life to the fullest. She swore to never have children because of her on-the-go social life.

Terri-An was an active cheerleader, bartender, and dancer. She usually exercised rigidly twice a week, and at night time, she worked at a bar. When it came down to partying and drinking, she could easily chug 15 cans of beer in just one sitting.

In 2014, Terri-Ann met Jack, her coworker, with whom she fell in love with. They dated for 10 months wherein they would go out and drink every night. However, all of that changed one fateful evening.

Terri-Ann felt strange back odd pains. After disregarding what she felt, she was more surprised when she felt uncomfortable one night and couldn’t sleep. By the time she was on the toilet, she saw mucus and blood. Out of panic and fear, she ran to her mother, who had initially thought that it was just the early phases of pregnancy. It turned out that she was already in labor.

Surprisingly, everyone questioned how this was even possible as Terri-Ann didn’t show signs of pregnancy. She still got her period monthly, and her belly didn’t even grow an inch. Aside from that, she kept up with her daily routines which included cheerleading practice, partying, and drinking alcohol each night.

Luckily, Teri-Ann gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Jacob. Initially, she was hesitant to look at or even hold Jacob, but all that changed when she finally held her son in her arms.