Heartbreaking First Dance With Her Brother in Behalf of Her Father

A wedding is an essential occasion in which all the family and other important people gather. It is an event that everyone should be happy to see their loved one’s wedding.

But, there are instances that a wedding ceremony turns the other way around. What if a member of the family died before the wedding day? How will it affect the occasion?

In this story, the father of the bride died a day before her wedding. The occasion turned out to be a mixed emotion of happiness and mourning.

YouTubeAndrea was about to get married, but the night before her wedding, his father made his last breath and succumbed to cancer. Traditionally, during the reception, the father is the first dance of the bride. But, in Andrea’s case, her brother took the first dance on behalf of their father.

Everyone was emotional, but that was the reality. Andrea’s brother was the one who delivered the tribute that brought everyone to tears. His brother said that they were missing their father on that day. But, the show must go on, and he decided to make a move to make the big day of Andrea special and for his father too.



Andrea’s brother had recorded his voice singing the song Butterfly Kisses for the first dance. It made Andrea left speechless while in tears. His brother announced that every man in the family would take turns to dance Andrea on behalf of her father.

As the music played, Andrea was in high emotion. But, the sorrow was overpowered by the love that she received from everyone. All the men in the family would want Andrea to feel that she’s loved in spite of the absence of her father.