Heidi Is Confused When Men Take Her Offstage

Oskar & Gaspar amuse European crowds with their “live tattoo” act, which utilizes video-mapping innovation. Just recently, the skilled duo from Lisbon stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage, and their audition is making a substantial splash here in the States.

Prior to they reveal the judges their skill, Oskar & Gaspar ask Heidi Klum if they can escort her backstage. In the beginning, she’s totally puzzled by the demand, however, plays along and vanishes with the men.

Minutes, later on, the supermodel go back to the stage in a white bodysuit, still uncertain of exactly what will take place. They advise her to stand totally still, however, ensure her she’s completely safe.

The 2nd the lights go out, Oskar & Gaspar utilize Heidi’s body as a canvas to produce some jaw-dropping images, however, I do not wish to give too much away.

View exactly what occurs to Heidi’s bodysuit as Oskar & Gaspar do exactly what they do best. While they’re not vocalists or dancers, this is a genuinely amazing program of artistry.

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