Here are 9 Things to Think about before Buying a Christmas Tree


Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is right around the corner. This means it is time to choose a Christmas tree to take home and decorate. However, before going to buy that real Christmas tree, there are a few things you need to know. Here are nine things you should think about before buying your perfect Christmas tree.

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1. Understand the Different Species

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Before going and choosing the best Christmas tree for your family, you need to know the best type of species that will be good for your family. An example is, especially if you have kids, you will not want a blue spruce because they have sharper needles than any of the other ones. Another example is, especially if you have many heavy ornaments to decorate it with, you won’t want a Douglas pine. This is because their needles are flimsy and won’t hold your precious heavy ornaments. So, doing research on the different species and finding out which one is best for you and your family is a good idea.

2. Measure the Space where your Tree will go

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When bringing home a Christmas tree for the Christmas season, you will want to make sure it fits perfectly in the area where you will put it. To do this, you need to use a tape measure to measure the space where you are putting it. Write down or mark your measurements and take them and the measuring tape with you when choosing your Christmas tree. Measure the tree to make sure it is the same size as the area you are putting it in. This way, you won’t bring one home too small or too big but it will be perfect for your family to enjoy.

3. Research Different Places to Buy From

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Another good tip before going into town to buy your family the perfect Christmas tree is to research the different places that are selling them. Compare prices on them and the type of trees they have. Find one that is not only within your price range but one that has the type of tree you want to take home.

4. Look for Dead Needles

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Make sure the tree you are choosing doesn’t have any brown or loose needles on it. The last thing you want is dead needles all over your living room. That will just look bad. First, check for brown needles. If there are any, move on to the next one. Next, check for loose needles. Just grab one of the needles with a little bit of force and if it comes off, you don’t want it. Move on to a much healthier tree to take home for your family to enjoy for Christmas. You want one that will last for many years to follow.

5. Check for Evenly Color Trees

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You want to make sure you have an evenly green tree to take home. If you find one that has some brown spots on it, move on to another one. Try to find one that is all the way green. This means it is young and healthy and will last for many years to come.

6. Agree on the Same Tree

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Many families may disagree on what type of tree they will get. Sit down and talk it over and come to an agreement. You all need to be on the same page before you even go to the tree farm to buy your tree.

7. Ask someone who Works There for Help

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Asking for help isn’t a bad idea. Ask someone who works at the tree farm, they will know all about them. Ask them which trees are the youngest, such as the ones that recently came in. You can also ask them to help you find the tree that will last you the longest. Offering them a tip for helping you will be a good idea.

8.Love the Imperfections

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When decorating your tree with your ornaments and you find gaps here and there don’t worry, put more ornaments there. This will make your tree look even better for your family to enjoy.

9. Inspect the Trunk

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You also need to make sure the trunk of the tree will fit perfectly into the tree stand you have. So, inspecting the trunk, and even measuring it and measuring the tree stand will be a good idea to ensure everything fits perfectly.

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