Here’s Why You Never Squish A Centipede In Your House

You ought to truly never ever crush a centipede.

Even if you’re in the restroom at 2 a.m. and one comes scuttling out to the drain, you must attempt to withstand the desire.

It’s difficult, due to the fact that there are few things as weird as a squirmy, fast-moving centipede.

When faced with all those legs, even those of us who are immune to the creepy aspect of ants, spiders, and roaches may get the shivers.

When you consider their preferred hangout areas, the yuck aspect gets even greater. They prefer to hang out in cool wet location, and may even settle in your toilet if you aren’t cautious.

You have our true blessing to eliminate them from the commode, however, if you get the desire to stomp, withstand.

The reason is simple: you need to never ever crush a centipede since it may be the only thing standing in between you and a restroom that is crawling with other gross animals.

Wikimedia Commons

Meet your home centipede.

Unlike its bigger, more wormlike cousins, your house centipede has a relatively small body, with a border of about 30 scuttling legs.

Yes, it appears like an eyelash brought to life.

Still, you need to never ever, ever crush a centipede-like this, no matter how terribly you might wish to.

Flickr / Greg Mote

While disconcerting, these animals are in fact nature’s finest defense versus other, even ickier house guests.

Consider this: your home centipede is disgusting, however it’s likewise a big eater.

Its preferred foods are ants, spiders, cockroaches, and silverfish.

Essentially, every arthropod insect in your house is a premium supper to a centipede.

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Wikimedia Commons


Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

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