Highly efficient medicine cabinet was built by homeowner by hand!

If you would like to manage all kinds of items in a small bathroom, you should want to organize the space in the best possible way.

Useful stuff like toothbrushes and personal care items should be readily accessible and they should not be exposed to moisture and steams as well. There should not be any cluttering effect on the counter. The items should be of the same color and style so that they will match with the theme of the bathroom.

If you would like to accommodate number of items and would not like to purchase a new plastic bin, you would explore alternate ways.

Imgur user Unclewho applied his brain and came up with an innovative solution.

He created a cabinet which can accommodate all items without any issues. At the same time, all the items are visible so that you can access them very easily. If you pass by the cabinet, you will never be aware that a cabinet accommodates all the bathrooms items.

Furniture will add great value and enhance the home décor if they are selected very carefully as per the theme of your home. If you go for items that are made with finest raw materials and craftsmanship, you can manage the most appropriate cabinet as was created by Unclewho. The item will be stuffed right behind the mirror over the sink so that there will not be any issues.

The best part of the cabinet making process is the information is shared by the creator. You should have DIY skills and courage to cut the wall so that all bathroom items can be accommodated in the best possible way.

You can go through the video and share it with others so that it will inspire others as well!

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Imgur user and home remodeler Unclewho started his quest for more storage by cutting a hole into his bathroom wall above the sink, where a mirror normally hangs.

Inside the wall, there was a stud that had to be removed, as he was also planning on running wiring through the cabinet.


With the stud removed, he ran the wires and started putting in the wooden crossbeams that would support the cabinet.


Then it was time to form the cabinet itself.


It’s basically a box with a backing board, and a frame that lies flush with the wall.


He also created ledges where shelves can sit.

When it was complete, he gave the whole thing several coats of shellac — although in hindsight, he says, he would have used something else. Shellac dissolves in alcohol, so any spills of rubbing alcohol or mouthwash could damage the finish.

But learning is what DIY projects are all about!


Then the cabinet was set into the wall. It creates extra space without coming out into the room.


There are also two holes cut into one side for two outlets. These, and the wiring behind them, allow electric toothbrushes and razors to charge while in the cabinet and out of the way.


He then installed some glass shelves on the ledges, and started stocking the cabinet.


Imagine all this stuff all over the counter. No thanks!

And note how the toothbrushes and razor can be plugged right in.


And instead of a hinged door, Unclewho opted to use drawer slides to save room.

Using soft-close drawer slides also means there isn’t a danger of the mirrored door slamming shut and breaking.

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