After Living On The Streets For 30 Years, Homeless Man Gets Keys To His First Home

A proud man hailing from Glendale, Arizona, Marcos Torres lately had the most amazing experience of his life. After 30 years of living on the streets, he moved into his first house. Apart from Glendale, Marcos had lived on the streets of two different cities, the second being San Diego, California. Working quite hard to get where he is today, Marcos remembers the tough 30 years of being homeless. Marcos was initially prompted to get a job by a local church’s pastor.

The trellis loan program had been brought to the church by the pastor and Marcos immediately knew he could use it to get his life together. He came to know about it on a Sunday and the first thing he did the next morning was to get set up with a job. After he acquired a job, he began storing credits. Marcos was then contacted by Trellis, along with a federal program that made him move into his Glendale home – a great 2-bedroom house.

A small rented room was being used by Marcos before he moved into his new house. Now Marcos faces a new problem, a good one however, about what to do with all the space that he has in his house. Marcos credits his success story to the immovable faith he had, and he is happy that he has a home now. Good things happen to good people is message that this video truly sends out. SHARE this article with your family and friends on Facebook if you liked Marcos’ story!