Homeless Student Turns His Life Around The Only Way He Knows How

When he was 10 years old, Jimelle Levon and his mother found themselves in the streets. They survived by hopping from shelter to shelter and stretching any money they get from welfare.

The hardships he suffered at such a young age would have broken any person, but he used the challenges as fuel to study hard and perfect his hobby—sewing. Imagine a young boy sewing clothes in the hood? That’s a target for bullies right there.

Nevertheless, at a young age of 14, he practiced his craft even as he transferred shelters to the next. Under the dim light, he drew clothes. Finally, he found a platform to showcase his talent—the prom.

To save money, he decided to create a suit for himself and dress for his date. While his suit drew attention because of their loud, golden color, it’s the dress that turned heads. Inspired by the Eddie Murphy film, “Coming to America,” the form-fitting gown was indeed fit for royalty. It showed just enough skin to be sexy, but not too revealing.

Levon also shared on Instagram the process of creating the dress, which wasn’t easy as everything had to be sewn while his date stood for hours. The post went viral and got the attention of comedian and host Steve Harvey who invited him to the show.

Levon now studies at the Clark Atlanta University, but he doesn’t forget his passion. In fact, the attention he got out of his post and being featured on the Steve Harvey show ensure a steady stream of clients. He customizes gowns for a mere $450 a piece, which is a pittance compared to the creations of branded companies.