How A 500-Pound Lady Used Her Experience To Help Other Women

All women need respect, acceptance, and love to feel valued, but the world today shows that women need to pass some standards to gain these things.

One woman knows the feeling of shame and disgrace because she did not qualify to one standard set by the world – being a skinny woman. Jamie Lopez weighs 500 pounds at the age of 31. Even if most people did not directly make her feel discriminated, their piercing stares proved their judgment.

Jamie wanted to look and feel good. She went to a salon to get her hair dressed, but she accidentally fell off the chair and broke it. This painful experience pushed the voluptuous lady to put up her own salon in Las Vegas.

Babydoll Beauty Couture was born for big women who wanted to feel loved, accepted, and beautiful. Jamie focused on providing solid chairs that can support up to 800 pounds and pedicure stools that can sustain 600 pounds.

According to Danielle Ramas, one of Babydoll’s hairstylists, they believe that beauty is not defined by looks and sizes but glows when women are confident enough to accept and show who they really are.

Aside from the sturdy chairs, the salon focused on its design that is meant to uplift the customers’ spirits. They painted the whole space with strong colors, such as gold, to empower them and show them their worth.

The salon also discourages body-shaming and did not push women to cut their food intake. Instead, they offered Mimosas and cupcakes to give their customers a good time and relaxing experience.

More than a business, this salon created a community of support for women who need affirmations and encouragement to survive the day.

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