How Running Errands for His Wife Got This Man Millions of Dollars

Tayeb Souami was only running an errand. When he arrived at his simple home in Ferry, New Jersey with a 5 dollar bottle of orange juice from his local ShopRite, his wife told him that he could get the exact same juice for half that price at another store. That was what he set out to do when he left the house the second time.

When he got to the store in Hackensack to refund his orange juice, he noticed a poster had been put up advertising the new Powerball. The prize was huge. Not thinking much of it, he used the refund from the orange juice to buy two tickets before returning home to his wife.

The next morning, Tayeb only had another errand to run. This time, it was taking his car to the car wash. When he saw that there was a 7-11 just nearby, he remembered his lottery tickets and decided that it was the perfect time to have them checked.

He walked into the store with low expectations. Upon scanning the first lottery ticket, there was no surprise. However, when he gave his second ticket, the cashier’s jaw dropped. Tayeb assumed the machine was broken.  It took two hours before he finally believed it. He was the winner of 306 million dollars, and it was all because his wife asked him to refund his orange juice. He only collected himself to go home after his shock had finally settled.

He came home to an anxious and worried wife, asking where in the world could he have gone to get a car wash that took two hours long.  He was in tears when he finally told her the truth.

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