How the Neighbors Teach a Woman a Lesson for Abandoning 4 Dogs

While heading to work, a San Antonio woman witnessed a car stopping on a dead-end street. She saw a female passenger got off the wagon with four huge dogs. Then, she let loose the dogs on the littered and dirt road.

Because the San Antonio woman is an advocate against animal abandonment, she began filming the scene. She was in shock that this woman wanted to get rid of these dogs.

The woman filming the other women abandoning the dogs confronted the latter. She shared with her about the Animal Care Services (ACS), which takes animals free of charge. She castigated the female passenger for trying to leave the dogs on the dirty, dead-end street.

The woman told the dog owner how to get to ACS. However, the latter still pushed the dogs out of the car and left. While speeding away, an individual at the back of the vehicle gave the dirty finger.

The viral video sparked national outrage. The suspect surrendered to authorities because animal abandonment is against state and local laws in Texas.

Government officials applauded the woman who recorded and reported the incident. Animal Care Services was thankful to the Good Samaritan woman for contacting them immediately. They were able to respond quickly and save the dogs. According to a Facebook post of ACS, people need to reach 311 if they want to report a violation of any animal ordinance. However, they need to provide a lot of information to apprehend a lawbreaker.

ACS found the dogs and took them to the center. Two dogs have found their way to loving families already.

Do you want to know more about the incident? Click the video to witness the shocking confrontation that transpired.