How The Young Chloe Kim Snagged An Olympic Gold Medal

Everyone’s attention was focused on Chloe Kim as she went down the first half-pipe in the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. She was competing to win the finals in snowboarding. She is just a young girl who had crushed her competition in the previous rounds which had promised her a very comfortable spot in the finals.However, her competitors were not going to make it easy for her during the finals. They were getting high scores, the highest of which was 85.50 out of 100, which was a big challenge for Chloe. Despite these circumstances, Chloe shocked everyone as she did an amazing run and got a sky-high score of 93.75. No matter how hard Chloe’s competitors tried to out-rank her score, they failed as her score was too high to beat. She had already claimed her victory before everyone else had finished the last two rounds.

Everyone in her family was beyond thrilled, as her parents had come from Korea to America and put everything that they had into Chloe’s passion. Her family’s support in her career has also helped a lot in her success today. Chloe’s father had told a magazine that Chloe was truly living the American Dream – striving hard for her passion and achieving a total success. In addition, her extended family was also there to support her and celebrate the joy of her victory.

In the third round, she managed to get an immaculate performance which earned her a score of 98.25. Her last score had proven that she had more than just beginner’s luck. She really had showed to the world that she was not only a lucky competitor, but she was also the best among the rest.


Photos: Instagram 1, 2 / nbcolympics