A Baby Deer Has An Orange Scarf Around It’s Neck For Saftey, But How Did It Get There

In a lot of places throughout the United States hunting is a sport that’s enjoyed by many. Just like in every sport there are rules for how the game is played.

What some don’t realize is hunters aren’t heartless, uncaring people who just enjoy killing animals. They generally have a very deep respect for nature and the animals they hunt. Actually more respect than most.

For example, deer hunters don’t go around indiscriminately killing every deer in site.

This gets proven true time and time again during the course of a deer season.

While out on a hunt one hunter noticed a doe that kept coming closer and closer to where he was. But it really wasn’t the doe’s behavior that he found most interesting, it was the orange scarf the animal had around its neck.

Brian Powers filmed his chance encounter with the baby deer. As you can see the scarf is very easy to spot, even from a long way away.

One of the rules of the hunting game is they wear orange for safety, so they’re less likely to be mistaken for a deer in the brush. Conveniently deer cannot tell the difference between red, green, red and orange.

Clearly what happened is another hunter wanted to keep the friendly little deer safe, and put the scarf on it to keep other hunters from taking aim and shooting it.

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Warning: Some viewers might find the language in this video graphic.