Dad Registers Labour Updates In The Corridor, Then The Doc Rushes To The Mom’s Room

If you have a sister, you must know well how special this bond is. The sisters know each other since birth and slowly they become best friends.

There is no bond stronger than this and no one can better know your weak points.

As we grow, it is always cherishable to share the memories. Katie and Corey were doing same and they were recorded by one of their husbands. They made the moment priceless.

They were known as sticky sisters because they do everything together no matter what is the situation.

Firstly Corey supported Katie fully while rushing towards hospital and things got changed when she went into labor room too. They were admitted to separate hospitals for delivering beautiful babies and their babies were going to be twin cousins.

Ryatt and Indie took birth within 15 minutes and gave birth to this beautiful memory. They will share bonds like their mothers.

Things were caught on tape as how doctors were running into different rooms to bring smile on their faces.

No doubt it is a crazy experience but happy moments too.

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