Husband Reveals Honeymoon Plans on Facebook and Internet Goes Crazy

Usually, kids cringe at their parents’ posts on social media, especially when their mom and dad try to act cool and hip.


Some don’t add their parents at all, and others even hide their posts from them.

Craig and Lynne Thomson/Buzzfeed/Facebook

This was not the case for Caitlyn Thomson, however, because she gladly showed the world how Facebook-worthy her parents were.


It all began when her father Craig planned a special trip for him and his wife to celebrate her 40th birthday.


After months of keeping it secret, Craig surprised his missus Lynne with tickets from Europe to New York, where they would take a cruise to beautiful Bermuda.


Their daughter immediately posted the story of her dad’s romantic gesture on Twitter.


Her mother Lynne also did the same on Facebook.


She posted about how excited she was that they would be going on a trip to Bermuda all the way from Europe.


Then Craig did the unexpected.


He replied to his wife’s post with a joking hint that he was going to try to lose his wife in the Bermuda Triangle.


The Internet went nuts over Craig’s comment, with both friends and strangers flooding the post with replies. Others shared the post as well.


Caitlyn even added fuel to the fire, commenting that romance may not be dead, but her mother might be soon. It seems she takes after her quick-witted father.


The Thomsons have become viral sensations since the posts, but beneath the hilarious messages is an evidently close-knit, loving family.


One thing is for sure – whoever plans to join that family will have some big, romantic, viral-worthy shoes to fill!


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