Identical Twins Give Birth To Cousins Born On The Same Day

Identical twins Larisha West and Sanisha Johnson both share the same birthday, and it seems their youngest children also will!Last February 7, these twin sisters from Southern California gave birth at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. It’s not unusual for them to go through pregnancy together with this being their third time. Their first sons were born two months apart, while their second set of children was eight months apart, but this is their first time to give birth on the same day.

The sisters expected their due dates to be a day apart since Sanisha had her labor induced on February 6 and Larisha is scheduled for a C-section delivery the next day.  Johnson gave birth to Angel first, and West’s son Dontee followed after almost five hours.

The only thing they planned for their pregnancies is sharing the same OB-GYN who delivered their previous children. According to Larisha, having the same due date was just a coincidence even when they made a joke about it last year, and funnily enough, another coincidence with their newborn babies’ births lies on their weights. Dontee weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces while Angel weighed the inverse 6 pounds, 8 ounces. The twins both weighed 146 pounds at the start of their pregnancies, too.

The twin sisters are extremely close, and they hope their children will be just as close, too. “I want them to know what family means. That’s something that’s big on us, so how close we are is how close our kids are,” Larisha said.

Sanisha added that they have a big family, and they always do everything alike and together, so their kids know that their family is bonded together. The sisters now refer Angel and Dontee as “twins” already, even if they’re in fact cousins.

Footage and photos provided by KGTV San Diego.