Indiana Resident Saved by Contractors from a Decade Long Battle

Hiring a contractor to remodel and fix your home can change your life. However, when Kathi Wilson, hired Mike Evans, Luze Duran, and Doug Tucker from BeSpoke Construction to renovate her bathroom, she got more than what she bargained for.  

Kathi Wilson has been inexplicably sick for the last decade. In those numerous years, the Shelbyville, Indiana resident’s health has deteriorated that she felt like she was already an 80-year-old. She experienced extreme fatigue and eventually had to use a walker and a cane to take a step.

She had consulted with various specialists in order to treat her condition. In the ten years, she has spent thousands of dollars on medical tests and procedures. However, no one can determine what was wrong with her.  

During her bad days, Kathi can barely get out of bed to work. She lost her ability to move her left leg. She found it hard to concentrate. Life was simply unbearable. It didn’t help that Kathi’s husband and daughter started getting sick too. They developed chronic pneumonia and bronchitis.

Enter the BeSpoke Construction contractors.

Kathi hired Evans, Duran, and Tucker to renovate her bathroom. What the contractors discovered startled them to their very core.

Evans revealed to Kathi and her family that they were slowly being poisoned by the carbon monoxide leaking from their vented furnace and water heater. While the family has a carbon monoxide leak alarm, the contractors revealed that it was situated at the wrong place. For ten years, the leak remained undetected.

Kathi visited a specialist one more time, and true enough her condition was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Since the detection, Kathi and her family have yet to suffer from any more symptoms.