Jack Wagner Received a Call in 1988 That Changed His Life

In 1988, Jack Wagner received a phone call that would change his life.

Jack Wagner is an actor and is known for his role as Frisco Jones on the soap opera entitled General Hospital. When he received that phone call, he was so shocked to know that he was a father. As you can imagine, the phone call he received in 1988 was not a happy one.

The child’s mother had only met Jack once, and it was admitted that what happened between them was a one-time thing. She confessed that Jack had gotten her pregnant. When she gave birth to the baby, she was very much tempted to give Jack a call. But at the moment, she realized that she wasn’t ready to become a mother.

She didn’t feel like she had what it takes to raise the child at the time. The woman considered all of these and made one of the hardest decisions she ever had in her life – keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption. Eventually, she went with the decision to give up the baby for adoption. She realized that at least the baby will have the life it deserves.

Jack was, of course, stunned by the news. He called his attorney to shed some light on the subject matter which was out of his control.

For years, Jack lived not knowing who his daughter was, but all of these changed in 2011.

Jack was on a cruise with Rick Springfield. He was about to get on stage in 5 minutes when someone knocked on his cabin. When he opened the door, he reportedly claimed that the emotional young lady rushed into his room.

The young girl gave Jack a big hug. Jack didn’t know what was happening until the young girl blurted out and said: “I’m your daughter.”

Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / General Hospital