Jason Aldean Prays and Mourns for Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Jason Aldean performed during the Las Vegas Route 91 music festival. He took the stage and made the crowd cheer and sing. However, after a few minutes, a gunman began randomly shooting the concertgoers.

Instagram / @jasonaldean

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At first, people thought that the gunfire sound came from fireworks. Everyone scrambled when they saw bodies on the ground. The mass shooting incident claimed 50 lives and injured at least 400 individuals.

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The gunman shot the victims from a hotel located near the concert grounds. The authorities had identified the shooter as Stephen Paddock. The 64-year-old shooter shot himself after the gruesome incident.

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It is believed that the mass shooting incident is the deadliest in US history. Thousands were affected by this massacre. It also shook the whole country as well as the international community.

Instagram / @jasonaldean

A distraught Jason Aldean cowered to safety together with his crew. A few hours after the grisly attack, Aldean posted on Instagram his sentiments about the horrifying incident. He informed his followers that he and his team were okay. Then, he encouraged everybody to pray for the victims and their families.

Instagram / @jasonaldean

He also shared on his post how bad he felt for the concertgoers who only wanted to have fun. In addition, he hoped for the mental well-being of the injured and families left by the fallen victims. Until today, the investigation is still ongoing.

His fans also shared their sentiments through his post. They all hoped for the best for everyone affected by the attack.

Authorities are still trying to unravel the motive behind the deadliest massacre in modern US history.

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