Jessica McDaniel’s Teeth Transformation Shocked Her Bullies!

A memorable and happy moment is best when shared. A photo last May was posted on Facebook about a majestic moment of a gentleman from St. Louis who proposed to his girlfriend. All was happy until the photo attracted attention, some of which isn’t good at all.

A netizen spotted 32-year old Jessica McDaniels, a hairstylist that was present in the proposal photo. The netizen cropped Jessica’s part of the picture, uploaded it and added a caption that made fun of her teeth. Not long enough, the said cropped photo spread across the internet like wildfire, putting Jessica in a sad and embarrassing spot allowing more bashers and cyberbullies to take on her.

Jessica’s teeth have a long story to tell. It all started when she was twelve years old; her dentures stopped growing. During her childhood, Jessica suffered from poor hearing that led her to take several ear surgeries. These procedures intervened with her adult teeth’s growth.

As a response to the masses who insulted her teeth, Jessica asked for the forgiveness of her friends who just got engaged. Although she did nothing wrong, she still felt terrible for them.

When all of these are happening, a friend of Jessica went established a GoFundMe page solely dedicated for Jessica.  The page aims to help Jessica gain her confidence back and heal the pain she’s been dealing. Her story didn’t go unnoticed since a dentist offered a free dental service to the young lady.

It seemed like all of the insults and harsh comments Jessica received were blessings in disguise. Thanks to them, she got a new and perfect smile!

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Footage provided by KSDK St Louis