Jon Snow and Ygritte of GOT Finally Engaged Off-screen!

Game of Thrones fans have always been following their favorite couple, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, ever since their characters Jon Snow and Ygritte met. There were rumors that they had been dating off screen since 2012.

Paparazzi and media people, who seem to be everywhere, have been updating the world of their status. The pair does not even seem to consent it. Nevertheless, the rumors seem to be true, even if the pair had been in denial for years. Rather than denying it, they never admitted the relationship.

The rumors and the fans still do not let the pair off, even if Ygritte had been killed off in the fourth season of the film franchise. They still follow their favorite couple, especially on social media.

The rumors finally died down and turned to facts in 2016, where the pair went to the Oliver Awards as a couple. This time, it was official, and fans everywhere were celebrating.

They moved in together the following year, and the pair had made a lot of people happy, even though they did not mean to. A lot had been envying the pair, too. They seem to be a perfect couple.

What else would fans like but hear the announcement of their engagement? That’s right. This couple had recently announced their engagement, and it’s no rumor nor is it an April fool’s joke. They meant to get married, and everyone’s going crazy about it.

Many hopes for their happiness and many still just want to keep tabs on them. They are the favorite that had amazed a lot of fans for years, and they will continue to do so for many years to come.