Kate Hudson’s Ruined Meal PhotoIs Actually a Pizza

Kate Hudson, the actress in movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Almost Famous, and Bride Wars, recently made so many of her Instagram fans rolling in laughter at a moment that was too familiar to many of us.

It was Erinn Hudson, her sister-in-law, who actually posted the photo first. When Kate saw this, she could not control herself from laughing. She then decided to share it on her own Instagram account.

The photo of this particular meal looks like a round pan of brownies baked to perfect goodness. However, as Kate says in her comments, this meal is actually not that delicious at all.

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Wikimedia / tanka v

Instagram / @katehudson

Instagram / @katehudson

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The photo is actually that of a failed pizza. It is black because it was burned to a crisp. Thinking that this would be so funny, Kate thought of posting this on Instagram. In just a matter of a few days, Kate’s account had more than 152,000 likes.

Her sister-in-law thought that she was inspired by the homemade recipe of Kate. She also called this yummy and healthy.

Kate revealed her instructions for making this style of homemade pizza. She said that first, you should take the pizza out of the box. Then you should set the oven to 375 and go pour a glass of wine for yourself.

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Instagram / @katehudson

The next thing to do is to place the pizza in the oven. Make sure you do not set the timer and continue sipping your wine.

With a recommended cooking time of up to 14 minutes, this would not be enough. Thus, you should wait one hour to get this pizza into a perfectly deep dark brown crisp.

You may also wait till your kids go hungry and ask you when the pizza will be ready. Meanwhile, continue drinking more wine.