Kate Upton & Justin Verlander Introduce Their First Child Together

We should congratulate Kate Upton and Justin Verlander. They had their first kid together. The child is a daughter. She came into the world on November 8, 2018.

These two celebrities called each other their significant other since 2014. You might know Kate Upton as a supermodel and Justin Verlander as a pro baseball player. The two got wedded back in 2017. We wouldn’t know they’d start a family until back in July 14.

She announced her pregnancy via this Instagram post with the hashtag #PregnantInMiami. This let her fans know she was having a baby soon.

Her husband gave an immediate response. His response was in the form of sharing the same photo and left a cute comment for everyone to see. His comment spelled out that he believes that Kate will be, “the most amazing mom!!”

He also went to write that Kate is a strong woman. He also added that he’s proud that his child will have Kate to raise him or her. He ends the caption saying how much he loves Kate.

Three days after the baby’s birth, Kate shared an adorable close-up with her and her baby. At least, she was ready to announce that she gave birth to her daughter. On Novermber 11, 2018, Kate introduced their daughter as Genevieve Upton Verlander.

Justin followed suit by sharing his own photo of the baby. His photo has Kate and their little one holding hands. The caption of the post reads as follows, “Welcome to the world Genevieve Upton Verlander.” He also says that he already loves the little girl already.

There’s no doubt that Justin and Kate love their new daughter with all their hearts. They even gave her such an adorable name. Everyone will wait for more posts and photos of her soon enough.