Kids Get the Most Heart-Warming Motivation From Unexpected

If there is one thing that we can’t deny it’s just how emotions can really affect how a day starts and how it ends because down to the core everything is really all about feelings. If you’ve hadn’t had the luck to start your day right with a hearty breakfast, then it’s no surprise that you will be feeling a tad bit grumpier than you usually do on the normal days. If you’ve suddenly been told really great news that you have been waiting for at the middle of the day, then you’ll surely get a surge of extra energy pumping through your veins. All of these prove just how impactful emotions can really be and how they dictate just how the day goes.

This was the case for a middle schooler from California named Audrey who was feeling a bit down since she forgot to tell her mom Gina to leave her at the usual spot. When Gina asked why Audrey was down, she told her that she wants to speak to a man before heading into school because she really enjoyed what he is saying. Curious, Gina brought her daughter to school the same day and watched to find out who this mystery man really was. And to her surprise, it was a 94-year-old man.

Wally Richardson, a US Navy veteran, had brought it upon himself the responsibility of cheering up the young and strong right before they head into school. He would always tell them the best advice and sliding in the best of jokes as well to get them to laugh!

To learn more about this story and hear the words for yourself, click the video down below and don’t forget to enjoy!

Video Credit: HappilyOfficial