Kind-hearted Teens Showed How True Friends Should Be

A lot of kids these days are victims of bullying just like Lillian Skinner.  She is a student in Texas studying at Grand Prairie High School. A few of her classmates told her that she was chosen for the homecoming court.

As expected, Lillian was thrilled when she heard the news. But she, later on, discovered that she was not nominated. What her classmates told her was just a heartless prank. Good thing Lillian has true friends who were quick to come to her aid.

Both Naomi Martinez and Anahi Alvarez were Lillian’s close friends. When they heard about the prank, they made a pact. Naomi and Anahi agreed that if one of them gets the crown, they will turn it over to Lillian.

During their homecoming celebration, Anahi was crowned and became the queen. When her name was called, she went to the stage and called her friend Lillian. Anahi fulfilled the agreement, and she gave the crown to her friend in front of the entire school.

Their story became viral, and it even reached Ellen DeGeneres. The host guested the three girls because she admired the bond between the three. Anahi, Lillian, and Naomi instantly became celebrities, and Ellen decided to surprise the ladies.

The three girls were named homecoming queens of the shows and were given crowns. Ellen also told them that their pictures would be displayed in the hallway of the studio together with the photos of the host’s favorite guests.

Ellen’s surprise did not end there. The host gave each of the ladies $10,000 each to help them with their college expenses.

Hopefully, the story of the three ladies will inspire people also to be kind to others. Share this story if you believe that these three deserve the praise they are getting.