Kitty With Cleft Lip Teaches Humans A Valuable Lesson

Having physical disabilities is considered being unlucky. Sadly, some people regarded physical disabilities as a burden. Sometimes, there are people who are cruel to others who have these special conditions. How much more if it’s the animals that have the physical deformities?

For this reason, it is no wonder why a cat named Lazarus was left to be wandering around the street when it was just a small kitten. He was found roaming the streets of Johnson City, Tennessee, doing its best to survive.

Lazarus has an exposed bone in its mouth – he has a severe bilateral cleft palate. Other than this condition, Lazarus was malnourished, and its skin is covered with fleas when he was on the street. The vets were not expecting animals with these conditions to survive.

A rescuer decided to rescue Lazarus from the street when it was 10 ½ weeks old although she hesitated to adopt him at first because she didn’t want to get attached to him. It all began when a college student approached her and asked her to adopt this kitten with cleft palate.

The student said that they would become a perfect match because the rescuer had been working in an animal rescue and in a special education field. Lazarus has special needs that the student believed could be given by the rescuer.

Now, Lazarus is a cheerful and playful cat that is no different from the others. He lives with a dog and other cats. The rescuer describes Lazarus as the aggressor.

Furthermore, Lazarus has more than 30,000 followers on his own Facebook page. His fans keep sending him thankful and positive messages. They describe how much Lazarus has inspired them.

According to the rescuer, a creature like Lazarus serves as a reminder that humans and animals are alike in terms of needs, and being on different species shouldn’t hinder their co-existence. There are differences among us that make us an important part of the world in a unique way.