Little Boy Enjoys Head-Butts from His Tiny Sheep Friend

Kids are simply adorable no matter what they do. They instantly lighten up our day every time those cute chubby-cheeked faces smile at us.

Little kids and cute fluffy animals are also so adorable to watch when they’re playing. You just can’t get enough of that wonderful scene, like a magical moment that captures our hearts and suddenly makes us feel better. And let’s admit it, we all need to witness this kind of cuteness every once in a while, to brighten our days.

We usually see all over the internet videos of toddlers and their pets, usually dogs, bonding. But who knew that farm animals like sheep can be a good companion for kids, too? They’re just as adorable and gentle as the pets we have at home when they’re with kids.

A charmingly gleeful sheep and his playful little friend were recorded playing, and it is such a joy to watch that it might turn your day to be the best one. Witness how even the simplest things can bring joy to the little human and his friend while they chase one another in a big playground for them.

Every time the little sheep gives him an affectionate, gentle nudge, the adorable kid, with all smiles, screeches with joy. His laughs and smiles are just so contagious that you can’t help but do the same while watching the clip. Like a playful little puppy, the sheep dances and hops around while the kid astonishingly watches.

Amazed at what he sees, the boy excitingly mimics the little animal and springs in the air, too. He may not be as graceful as his friend, but he obviously loves every second of it. Both enjoying each other’s company and cherishing the simple moments, the cute tandem will surely put the biggest smiles on everyone’s faces even on their worst days.