Little Girl Receives the Most Amazing Birthday Surprise

Surprises work on the brain’s dopamine system.  They help humans focus their attention and inspire them to look at situations in new ways, according to Greater Good Berkeley.

Interestingly, a new study proved that the brain likes surprises. Yes, its pleasure centers are turned on when people experience pleasant surprises versus expected good events. The discovery was based on new brain images captured by the researchers at the Baylor College and the Emory University.

They used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to measure the changes in the activities of the brain after pleasant stimulus/stimuli. How did they do that? They used a device which squirted water or juice into the mouths of the participants. The squirting patterns were either unpredictable or predictable.

And that’s probably what happened to the brain of Mazzy who literally celebrated her 4th birthday onboard a Southwest Airlines plane.

This is her birthday story.

She turns four today… hooray!

A flight attendant announced her birthday to the passengers and asked if they could help in singing the birthday song for her.

However, Mazzy was dozing off in her seat, not expecting something like this to happen. But that’s fine. Her sister woke her up, so she could witness the surprise birthday cheer from everyone who seems as thrilled as she is.

And what’s a birthday for a cute girl without little presents, right? She was given some crayons and treats in addition to the newly recruited choir belting out the birthday song.

Sealing the surprise, she received the plane’s version of a cake, or at least, their very own take on an instant cake which was made of paper and plastic.

Finally, Mazzy, still in awe, looked outside the plane’s window and witnessed how the planet seemed to be celebrating with her – with all the icing courtesy of the fluffy clouds and the brightest candle ever – the sun.

Awww! Such a touching story, isn’t it? Please share it today!