After 4 Months Apart Little Girl Takes Off Running The Moment She Sees Her Dad

There’s no greater feeling than seeing someone you love and that you’ve missed for a while.

What can make the moment even better is when you’re not expecting it! Surprise reunions are usually such happy occasions to watch.

It seemed like an ordinary day for Cherry Mactavish. She went to classes at Buxton Primary in Norwich, the U.K., and at the conclusion of the day she was going to the parking lot with the classmates.

But as she walked toward the pickup area, she recognized someone she did not expect to see. It was her dad who was there to pick her up!

For the prior four weeks, Cherry’s father had been doing work in Antarctica. She’d have no idea her dad would be back on that day, not to mention waiting for her outside her school.

You can audibly hear the second Cherry realizes her dad is waiting for her in the video clip below. The moment that occurs, she shoots off running toward him in tears.

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