Best Friends At Marriage Is Common, But Capturing Your Pup’s Reaction On Your Marriage Is New

A perfect marriage is not a coincidence, it is planned. People spent weeks planning everything from dress, venue, meals, photographer and all little things. Each marriage has a hint of personalities and uniqueness of its kind.

So what was unique in this marriage? It was their lovable pup!!  Besides having pictures of themselves clicked, they arranged for continuous video capture of their dog.

For Michael and Kate Pearson, their pet Odin was very important. So they came up with this unique idea of having him throughout their D-day.

So, what was the idea actually? They wanted to know how Odin felt about their marriage. So they got him video shoot for the whole weekend all the time. Just to know his views!!

At times, the video was not very clear due to unstable base. It was okay almost all the time except when Odin was very happy and doing his special shaky moves.

We all have our point of views, what we liked and disliked. But having the view of Odin included during this special ceremony was very thoughtful gesture by Kate and Michael. Odin is showered with love by all friends and relatives, which he enjoys thoroughly.

Click on the video below, to see how much Odin enjoyed the wedding!!

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