Man Arrested for Harassing Ex-Wife as Payback for Son’s Custody

Patrick Fox, a Canadian resident, tried to slander the name of his ex-wife, Desiree Capuano, after he lost custody of their son. After the couple got married, Patrick was deported to his home country when he illegally impersonated as a US citizen named Richard Reese. Cops arrested him and had served two years in prison.

Upon his release, he demanded that their son should stay with him. When Desiree refused, he threatened her with emails and created a website with the intention of destroying her. Thereon, Patrick set up that Desiree used drugs and had done other violations.

Desiree said she’s more scared now than she has ever been in her entire life. She remarked that they were always looking over their shoulders. In an interview with CBC News, Patrick commented that if Desiree didn’t cooperate, he would destroy her.

Desiree continued to live in fear and even lost a job offer due to the website. She said she was already given a start date and passed the background check. But they canceled it because of the site’s defamation. Patrick shrugged on the interview saying that if his ex-wife was unable to find a job due to the malicious intent, then it is good.

Patrick wasn’t prosecuted last fall because he lived in British Columbia while Desiree was in Arizona. The case between the couple reopened when CBC reported that legal experts found the decision questionable.

Recently, Patrick got arrested by US patrol agents saying he illegally crossed the border. He was also charged with defacing his ex-wife for 16 months and carrying two illegal weapons.

Meanwhile, Desiree hoped that the website should be brought down for her to live a normal life again.