Man Hides and Saves Family from a Life-Threatening Tornado

Kevin Karas and his loved ones were at their abode in Hamburg, New York during the time that a tornado warning was announced by the National Weather Service. As expected, their area will be affected by a life-threatening natural calamity.

Hamburg has been stormed by typhoons, which is also why the people in the area left the chance that a tornado will be coming their way. It is true that a warning already causes anxiousness to the people but seeing the storm yourself is a different story.

According to Kevin, he had seen the tornado around ten houses down their neighborhood. Moreover, he told Storyful that he is aware that the storm is nearing when the garbage cans of their neighbors are starting to elevate from the ground and smash back down. By simply looking at this situation, you will definitely be shocked out of your wits.

Still, Kevin knew that he has the responsibility to take care of his family. This is why he started taking action and hid his family in the basement. While the tornado was traversing their family, they decided to lock themselves down for a hope of protection.

Kevin and his family stayed in the area for a pretty long time until the tornado finished its work outside their home. After everything that occurred and when it was already safe to go out, Kevin checked out the neighborhood. He was surprised to see that there was trash everywhere. Plus, their car had been moved from their driveway.

To find out what happened exactly, he decided to check out their security camera clip. He saw that the tornado lifted their SUV off with ease.

The story shows that in times of calamities, you should be prepared to think and act fast. Moreover, it proves how strong and damaging nature can be.