Man Saves a Stray Horse from Being Trapped in a Pool

When it comes to natural disasters, it’s beyond our controls. Aside from the fact that it’s not easy for us to face such incidents, just think of how hard it’s going to be for wildlife animals.

Recently, the lethal wildfire in California created a distressing record of death counts, around 58 victims. People didn’t have much of the choice but to leave their houses for safety. As rescue teams focus on human, who do you think attend to the needs of helpless animals who were also victims of the wildlife, just like this vulnerable horse?

A horse was stuck in a pool after trying to escape the rage of the fire’s blaze. Leading to now choice, the horse had to jump just to survive.

Fortunately, an ex-resident of the ruined town named Jeff Hill was driving to see if there are people around the neighborhood who need his help. It was just in time when drove pass-by the place where the horse was. He surely didn’t expect to see such a thing.

Jeff recognized the cover of the swimming pool, thinking that it belongs to his neighbor. As he takes a closer look, he saw the body of the horse. The horse was still moving, after a closer check but it’s obviously looking very tired.

Jeff quickly pulled the pool cover back in order for the horse to escape. Then, he grabbed the rope and led the horse to the steps of the swimming pool to get out. Despite the weight of the horse, he was able to assist it to safety.

The horse, on the other hand, understood what a human being has done. To express gratitude, the horse waited for only some minutes before leaving them. The horse even showed to Jeff that it can walk to assure them that everything’s going to be okay.

It’s a little act of bravery but it surely means a lot, especially to animals. Great job, Jeff!