Man Stuns Neighbors After 20 Years of Building Dream Pool

Micky Thornton dreamed of building a pool in his backyard when he moved to Covington, Tennessee in 1992. According to him, it was his plan so that his family would have an area to enjoy. However, Micky revealed that since he was around nine years old, he already had it in mind.

The man started to build his backyard pool in 1993, particularly in the Labor Day celebration. At that time, he was already 39 years old. His wife supported him for continuing with the pool construction, but she requested that it should not be located near their house.

Primarily, the first hole was over 20 feet deep. It was bordered with a polyethylene mat. Throughout the process that took two decades, Micky dedicated his time, money, and effort to complete his backyard pool.

In 2013, Micky’s project was finally finished. Apparently, Micky did not just build a pool but a better one that his family had never imagined.

If you will check out the video, it seemed that the man indeed dedicated his life for the pool. It is not merely a four-sided pool filled with water. It appeared to be a natural water body in a residential area. His neighborhood found it amazing and beautiful.

There is no denying that the kids who were given the opportunity to enjoy the pool got nothing to say with the beauty of Micky’s creation. Apart from the pool itself, he also added spots where kids can play, sauna-like areas, and small man made falls.

Micky proved that he would make his dreams come true by not only waiting for it. He decided to make it happen no matter how long it would take him to complete the pool.

The inspiring story depicted how a man’s commitment to his goal can go a long way.

Footage provided by WREG Memphis