Man Surprised Wife with a Brand New Ring Hidden in Their Fridge

People who create surprises usually go to great lengths for their plan to work. In the video below, a man had put everything in place. Along with his plan are a fridge and some white lies.

He decided to surprise his wife after he went back home from Dubai. He bought his wife a ring and wanted to surprise her. The ring was intended to be an upgrade of the current ring his wife has.

What he did was to secretly take his wife’s old ring. He then proceeded to wrap the new ring, put it in a box, and then placed it inside the fridge. This was the set-up of his surprise. All he had to do then was to wait for his wife to open the fridge and see what’s in store for her.

The video starts, and we see him asking his wife if she wants to drink anything. After being on a long trip, the wife just assumed that he is just being nice.

But upon opening the fridge, the wife was surprised at what he saw. She saw a white box. She then proceeded to slowly open the box. Inside the box was something that really surprised her – it was the new ring that her husband bought for her.

Her reaction was priceless as she screamed and shouted due to her excitement. She thanked, kissed and hugged her husband who was evidently happy that he was able to surprise his wife.

The wife was so happy that she flaunted her ring proudly in front of the camera. She still couldn’t believe her husband was able to pull off that kind of surprise.

To see the reaction of the wife yourself, watch the video below. Be sure to SHARE it on Facebook.

Check out this wife’s priceless reaction to finding the ring in the video below, and please SHARE it on Facebook