Man Throws Stones at Two Innocent Dogs and They Fight Back

There are many things people deem as a horrible. One of those things is animal abuse. These are one of the things that make you wonder why it happens.

Bad things happen in reality. We have to accept it. The best we can do is either do the right thing or wait for karma to strike back.

For one man, karma hit him very hard when he decided to hurt two defenseless dogs.

The dogs didn’t do anything to warrant the men’s throws. They were only out with their owner having a regular walk.

What happened was that a man started to throw rocks at two dogs who are out with their owner. Another man came along to do the same but with whatever he could find on the ground. It didn’t take long for the dogs to show how unhappy they were with the hurtful exchanges.

Everyone stood and watched as the two men hurt the dogs. Bystanders did the same when the two dogs decided to fight back against one of the men hurting them.

Someone from a nearby building caught everything on camera. They were at a balcony, so they had a clear view of what happened down below.

In the video, one of the dogs charged at the man and tackled him to the ground. The other dog followed suit when the first dog attacked the man. It looked like the dogs bit onto the man as he cowered at their mercy. The owner tried to pry the dogs off him, but they wouldn’t stop.

The man paid the price for attacking two innocent animals. This is what happens when you fight nature: nature will fight back. The next time this man sees dogs like these, he shouldn’t underestimate or disrespect them.