Man Turns Basement Into a Store After 40 Years of Collecting

You will not expect that this former TV reporter has a fascinating hobby. Mike Igoe is fond of collecting old cereal boxes, old signs, and memorabilia.

For over 40 years, he kept on collecting these kinds of items, and he eventually thought of turning his basement into a general store. His general store is very authentic, old-fashioned, and amusing for anyone’s admiration. Taking into account all the years he spent to come up with a vintage store is unequivocally amazing.

Based on the video that was posted last May 17, 2017, Mike explained that he went to flea markets, auctions, and garage sales for several years just to complete his unique collection. In fact, he has some time-capsule items that he is proud to show off in his bombastic collection.

When he soon realized that he needed a certain space dedicated to his collections, he asked one of his neighbors to help him construct and turn his basement into a general store.

Who would have thought that his ordinary basement could turn into a vintage-looking general store that enthusiasts would rave about? In the video below, Mike conducts a tour of his general store with DIY items and some striking pieces.

In the tour, as you can see in the video, he shows an old cash register which can only go up to $1. One notable part of his general store is a barbershop corner complete with shaving tools and antique chairs.

Indeed, there is so much to watch out for in his general store. Furthermore, while Mike is very proud of his grand collection of memorabilia, he said that he also needs to downsize a little bit.

If you are interested in some of his timeless pieces, you can visit

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Thumbnail Source: Flickr / Ian Muir