Man, Who’s Close To Being A Prey, Films A Bobcat Climbing The Tree

Being a prey has never been someone’s wish in their entire lifetime, but a hunter has been in an almost incident like the one aforementioned. A hunter in Kansas named Joseph got away at the last minute before he becomes what we call a prey. Instead of encountering a white-tailed deer, Joseph found himself in a situation he has never thought could be possible when a bobcat lurked underneath the tree he was on.

Panic is what most of us would feel, and jumping off and running would also be the course of action we would do. However, Joseph collected his thoughts and became calm when the event happened. The bobcat used the fallen leaves of trees as a sort of camouflage which will significantly help the bobcat’s predating scheme. Joseph has been silent and held on still on the tree he has climbed while the wildcat is preparing for its actions.

Within a moment of awkward silence and staying still, the bobcat moved slowly then proceeded on climbing the tree Joseph was on. With this kind of scenario, it would pretty much make you start squealing or if not praying. But Joseph knew his thing, and he remained silent and still while the bobcat was climbing the tree.

It seems like luck was on Joseph’s side that day as the wildcat got distracted by something when it was on the way to Joseph. A close call, perhaps. We could hear Joseph heaved a huge sigh when the bobcat got off the tree he was on, and it only proves that even hunters like him can be terrified at times like this. Joseph displayed great courage in his actions (although there wasn’t any) and thus, considerably saving his life.