Man Yells For Captain To Go Faster

When Shane Lee was enjoying a boat trip through Lake Macquarie, a saltwater lagoon in New South Wales, Australia, he found something that absolutely didn’t belong in the water: a hammerhead shark.

In truth, he believed this sighting was so unusual, he chose to take out his video camera and advise the boat captain to get closer.

In the video listed below, published on August 15, 2017, Shane attempts zooming into the water when he finds the dark shadow.

As Shane moves along with the animal, he requests the captain to go much faster. “I wish to get closer to see exactly what it is,” he discusses.

When he is close enough, Shane screams, “Big hammerhead!” Shane continues filming. So, exactly what’s so unique about this huge predator?

Seeing a hammerhead shark is thought about to be an uncommon event in Lake Macquarie, and seeing one as he slides through the water is a really unique reward.

Even better, Shane was able to catch the whole thing on video to review later on.

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