A Mother Is Held A Hostage And Makes A Smart Move To Free Herself!

There are maniacs and psychopaths out there waiting to pounce on innocent people to keep them hostage. Similar was a situation with a mother in Louisiana where a psychopath kept her and her daughter as a hostage. The 11-year-old daughter went to her school with a note and gave it to the teacher.

The Teacher of East Feliciana Middle School was at utmost shock when they read the note. In the note, it was written that her mother is been held hostage and she was begging for help.

As soon as they read the note they called up the sheriff about the hostage situation and brought a K9 unit. Later, that man was identified as Donald Ray Guy who was holding her mother in the trailer.

The 11-year-old daughter mother made a smart move and saved her life. The mom and the daughter were not harmed and they were totally safe.

Donald Ray guy had several warrants against him so it was proved that he was a dangerous man in the street. It is a scary situation of getting held by a psychopath as a hostage.

Image Via. Youtube