Man’s Teenage Dream Came True Because of a Simple Note

Kyle Cropsey has always been fascinated by the Volkswagen Microbus. His father, Robert Cropsey, said that he does not want that type of car for himself, but Kyle has a thing for Volkswagen bus models even when he was just a child.

When Kyle was only 16 years old, he saw the blue Volkswagen van, Matilda, on his way to the Rockaway Beach. It was alone in the parking lot. For this reason, he sneaked a small note in its open window.

The note had his name and phone number. In the note, he asked the owner to give him a phone call if he wanted to sell his van.

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Kyle took a photo of himself in front of the blue van. He posted this photo on Facebook with a caption saying that this car would be his future car.

The name of the owner of the blue van was Cornelius Mead. Cornelius found the letter, but he did not give Kyle a call. Instead, Cornelius kept the note.

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After 8 years, Kyle received a phone call from a stranger. This stranger was Cornelius’s son, Cris Mead, a 51-year-old guy from Oakland. Cris said that he found Kyle’s note in his father’s log book.

Cris recounted his father’s love for his Matilda. He said that his father spent more money on it than any other Volkswagen bus owners would. When his father died at the age of 82, all his belongings went to him and his sister.

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Both of them decided to give Matilda to Kyle even though they could sell it for $1500. They were confident that Kyle would love this van as much as their father would. Also, they believed that their father would want Kyle to have this van.