Massachusetts Woman Discovers Ornament as Urn with Human Ashes

A woman named Priscilla Bailey from Massachusetts purchased a heart-shaped decoration for Christmas in a thrift store nearby.

The ornament’s price was $2.99. Priscilla was attracted to how it was able to catch the light.  Thus, she purchased the knick-knack.

Priscilla described the ornament as certainly marvelous for containing marks that appear like Vikings or cherubs.

She later discovered that aside from the loveliness that the embellishment possessed, it was also something important to its previous owner.

Priscilla went home and took a closer look at the merchandise she bought. She checked that maybe there was something inside it.

Then, she tried to hang the ornament in a position that could catch illumination. She saw something that was making some movement.

Priscilla took a flashlight to examine the object further. She discovered two tiny, golf ball-sized spots inside the adornment.

Moreover, she learned that it contained powdery material. Priscilla realized that the ornament happened to be an urn of a deceased person.

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It contained his or her ashes. Priscilla and her daughter, Kat, thought that it would be best to return the heart-shaped display to its real owner.

The Massachusetts shopper cited that she initially felt afraid with what she saw. However, she said that the ornament has been in her house for several weeks already.

Hence, Priscilla’s objective was to return the urn to its original owner. She also wanted to know where it was from.

Priscilla hoped that the heart-shaped urn’s real owner would come to her to claim it. But she remarked that she is more than glad to exhibit it in her home in the meantime until that day arrives.

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Priscilla’s discovery is certainly interesting. It shows that shoppers should closely examine the products they are purchasing because they never know what they might find.

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