Master Puppet’s Talking Doll in America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent has welcomed all types of skillful acts over the years. Countless auditions occur on talent shows all over the world. Many have seen great performances as well as those that were not so great, but only a few performances can be truly considered unique.

Paul Zerdin has dedicated his life to learning the art of ventriloquism. He began honing his craft in his childhood years and has since captured the audience’s attention in each subsequent performance. Ventriloquism demands focus, skill and perfect timing, and Zerdin has perhaps mastered it all.

Recently, 43-year-old Paul Zerdin tried his luck and entered America’s Got Talent. His performance onstage turned out to be the biggest break of his career. Over the course of the season, he had many memorable performances. However, his most memorable performance involved a fight with his doll named Sam.

Sam was trying to prove that he could perform onstage on his own without Paul guiding him. So, Paul stormed off the stage and left the doll sitting there. As both audience and judges were  curious to see what would happen next, Sam began moving and talking. When Paul came back onstage, Sam pretended not to move.

The equally-impressed judges and audience members were still in shock as they tried to grasp what had occurred in front of them. Paul Zerdin’s act took ventriloquism to a whole new level, gathering over 13 million views on YouTube. His outstanding performance onstage led him to the season win.

Mastering a skill is not achieved overnight but it requires continuous practice and focus. Learning ventriloquism is difficult. But with time and effort, Paul Zerdin proved he is, indeed, the puppet master.