Military Dad Sends Teddy Bear With Message Home To His Family

You can discover some incredible things at yard sales.

When 6-year-old Amaya Fields’ next-door neighbor asked her if she wished to take home any of the leftovers she might not cost her yard sales, the girl excitedly selected exactly what any kid would: 3 cuddly teddy bears.

Amaya took the bears home and had fun with them for a while. Then, she discovered one 0f her brand-new cuddly pals had a button.

Pressing the button made the bear talk. What Amaya heard surprised her.

The simple teddy bear included a message: “Merry Christmas from Afghanistan. Daddy misses you. Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ll see you soon, I love you!”

Amaya’s daddy is a Marine, so she understood precisely what those words implied.

The lady took the teddy bear to her mommy, Amanda Fields. Understanding direct how crucial these messages are to military households, the 2 chose they had to reunite this unique teddy bear with its desired recipient.

Amanda published on social networks, hoping shares would assist the bear to discover its way home. Up until now, the post has actually been shared countless times, though there’s still no news.

Have a look at the video listed below to hear the message, and please SHARE this video on Facebook! Possibly we can assist this teddy to discover its way back home.

Footage provided by WXIN Indianapolis

Thumbail Photo: Flickr / bobnrenee