Military Dogs Deserve To Be Honored Too

Every soldier who fights for us is a hero. The sacrifices they make are incomparable. They are willing to give even their own lives just to keep our country safe and to maintain the peace and order in our society.

On the other hand, the military is not comprised only of humans. Also, there are animals involved in their operation. These dogs have already saved countless lives even without knowing it. Sure, they are just trained to act that way, but the dogs are putting their lives in danger too just to help in the military operations.

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U.S. Air Force via The Dog Files

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Facebook / Amazing Things in the World

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Heroes come in any form. Being human doesn’t make you a hero. It is the action that counts. These canines put their lives into jeopardy by sniffing bombs that can kill them at any time. They are also the ones who are trained to find hiding criminals and attack them if they must.

There are already some canines that have died saving humanity. Some of them are injured or crippled while doing their duties. They make sacrifices that ordinary civilians would hesitate to give. Some of them have managed to grow old and retire from duty. For this reason, they deserve to be honored.

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Facebook / Amazing Things in the World

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Aside from their serious, life-threatening duties, they can also brighten up the mood of the soldiers who are in the battle. They are like therapists for those soldiers who have lost their friends or colleagues in war.

One example is Benjo who is from the U.S. Air Force. He is an expert in sniffing and locating all kinds of explosives. Because of this, he had saved the lives of many people, including his colleagues. He retired in 2009, and one of the guards adopted him and provided shelter for him.