Millie Bobby Brown’s Twitter was Deleted After Being Homophobic Gag

Not all jokes you read online is easily understandable. This is true in the case of star Millie Bobby Brown’s current meme.

This 14-year-old famous actress is a treasure. Millie is a teenager who is not scared to try new things. She is a down-to-earth girl who is dedicated to her off-screen causes like UNICEF, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Olivia Hope Foundation, and GLAAD. Due to that charitable and decent work she does, her popular meme has depicted the young actress as a bad figure in the society.

It’s been going on longer than you think.

@KelsFiona / Twitter

The meme started with the tweet of one user, whose Twitter account has been deactivated. She tweeted a false story about her experience with Millie which took place last November. That exchange evolved into a viral meme quickly, with users trolling, bashing Millie for being hateful and wicked in numerous ways.

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The #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown became a trend online. As the meme became mainstream, people who knew Millie came to a defend her, saying that she would never do such things and that she could not have this fan encounters.

Others fans started pointing out that the meme was senseless, downright, and juvenile. Some users responded by saying that they were genuine fans, explaining that such humor stemmed from the fact that such behavior has excellent effects in the society seeing the superb character of the star.

People eventually came to Millie’s defense.


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The meme began recirculating at the beginning of June.

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@NateSwig / Twitter

Despite the criticism, most people who enjoyed the meme stood their ground.

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Afterward, the meme faded quickly but briefly. It began recirculating again in June. Twitter is only available to 13-year-olds and up. In other words, the majority of the Twitter users are older than the young actress.

Then Millie deactivated her Twitter account in mid-June.

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Her fans weren’t having it.

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Now, Twitter is (finally) fighting back.

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Regardless of being a celebrity, teens and adults alike know better in targeting a 14-year-old. Similarly, Twitter can do better in this hateful speech.