Mom Accidentally Sees Footage of Son Stealing a Car

No mother wants to see their children being a victim of something terrible. But, when you happen to see your child doing that something awful to other people, you will inevitably be overwhelmed by various emotions. For Ramona Gordon, she was nothing less than shocked when she saw her son in a video on TV.

Bad things happen every day that it has become common. But, when you see your son getting involved in a car stealing footage, you wouldn’t immediately believe what you have seen, just like what Ramona felt.

The mother saw surveillance footage on TV involving her son, Shaquille Dixon, 14, is a suspect in a carjacking attempt. He was with two of his friends, and they were following an elderly woman as she enters and exits Walmart.

But a little later, the footage will show that Shaquille and his friends stole the 81-year-old’s car and held her at gunpoint in the store’s parking lot.

When Ramona saw what happened, she didn’t hesitate to call the police about the incident, and afterward, turning her son over to the authorities. According to the mother, it was not easy for her to do it, but she also couldn’t tolerate an incident like that. Ramona said that her son wasn’t aware that their actions are captured on TV, so she called the police to get them.

The mom says that she is deeply disappointed by her son’s actions. She was unhappy that he chose to do something violent at a very young age. The report says that Shaquille has confessed to the cops about what he did.

Ramona was saddened by the fact that the incident happened to someone who is at the same age as her mother.

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Photos: CBS Miami