Mom Almost Dies When She Is Misdiagnosed With Flu

Hannah Joels was surprised to be in critical condition after having an encounter with encephalitis. She originally felt like she had flu, until the condition made her 2-year-old daughter unrecognizable. She claims to be frustrated as it is a slow recovery ahead, but despite this, she can still be here for her daughter. Had they not diagnosed it correctly, Hannah would have not been there at all.

After her initial visit to the clinic, most physicians reassured her that it was just flu; however, a day after that, she was not able to speak clearly and seemed confused. Her husband then decided that she needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Three weeks later, Hannah was released from the hospital but was still reeling with strange symptoms from the supposed flu. She was experiencing memory gaps and could not remember names or even memories of her daughter’s growth or vacations they’ve gone to as a family.

Hannah claims that she has told her husband on several other occasions that she would love to venture to Thailand, to which her husband would pull out photos of their trip to the country. It was heartbreaking that she couldn’t remember this.

The bright side to this is that Hannah has made an effort to remember by writing post-it notes, or memos on her phone.

She believes that most of the doctors were being nice to her husband, but with the specialist she was consulting with, she is reminded that she is lucky to be alive at all.

Hannah hopes that her story would make people more aware of encephalitis and how important it is to know the symptoms so it isn’t mistaken as flu.

Photos: Caters News