Mom Caught Stealing Groceries But Was Very Thankful to the Officers

North Carolina Police Officer 1st Class Candace Spragins and Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw responded in a stealing incident inside the Food Lion grocery. According to the witnesses, they saw a woman stealing a bunch of grocery items.

Immediately, Officer Spragins and Bradshaw went to the offender’s house, and when they get inside, the atmosphere was so piteously.

The suspect is living in a small house with her three adopted children, and the worst thing, she is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. She also told the police officers that her children have not eaten for three days.

The woman returned the $36 worth of food items that she’d stolen from the grocery. She asked for sorry and said that she is just thinking about the survival of her children.

The two police officers were apparently touched by the woman’s revelation, and when they opened the refrigerator, they even felt so broken inside. The police officers just found one pack of cheese inside the fridge which convinced them that the woman only did the crime to fill her children’s stomach.

Despite the good intention of the mother, the police officers had to file a charge of theft to the suspect. However, the officers just couldn’t forget the picture of the hungry children inside the house, and what they did next made them extraordinary.

Officers Spragins and Bradshaw returned to the Food Lion grocery store and filled food carts with grocery items for the woman’s children.

When the officers told the mother that they leave something for her children to eat, the woman embraced the two officers and thanked them with teary eyes.

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Footage provided by KNTV Las Vegas