Mom Cries Over Son’s Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ Performance

If there’s one thing most people who auditioned in The X Factor feared, that’s Simon Cowell’s glaring eyes.

An18-year-old dreamer named Daniel Quick had an odd start during his audition when he performed in front of the judges. It was quite unexpected after he entertained Simon and the rest of the judges with his story about a long list of animals their family belongs.

Before he hit the first note of his chosen song, he took his time in charming the judges with his story about all the animals they have. Of course, Simon already guessed that this young guy would share about all of his pets as soon as he had a glance of him.

However, he was still surprised upon hearing that Daniel indeed owns 15 fish, four dogs, a cockatiel, a tortoise, and a ferret.

Simon had fun talking to Daniel while the other judges also enjoy his tall tale discussing all the animals they own. It was indeed a long list of a herd of animals you wouldn’t expect a young boy would love to have back home.

More than the fun talking, what truly made the judges love him more was his amazing voice. He did a great cover of Elton John’s classic song entitled ‘Your Song.’ He created a noticeable twist that made the entire performance fresh to everyone’s ears.

Upon hearing Daniel singing, his mom couldn’t hold her tears while she listened to her son from backstage. Daniel’s performance blew away everyone from the crowd and the group of judges especially at the part when he released a perfect high-pitch note for several seconds.

This young boy is certainly inspiring with the hope he has for his dream to become a singer. Please share his amazing performance with your family and friends on Facebook!